Alfa Romeo & DTM World Champion Nicola Larini back together at 1000 Miglia 2024

  • The 1993 DTM champion is back on the racetrack with Alfa Romeo: he will be driving the 1900 Sport Spider (1954) in the “most beautiful race in the world,” alongside rally navigator Giacomo Ciucci.
  • To this day still in the hearts of Alfisti and all motorsport fans, Nicola Larini was an official Alfa Romeo driver from 1987 to 2003 and dominated the Touring class in the 1990s.
  • Also on the starting grid of the Brescia ‘classic,’ the 1900 Super Sprint (1956) driven by journalist Andrea Farina and co-driver Davide Cironi, an influencer with a passion for engines.
  • The two vintage rarities will be accompanied by the new Alfa Romeo Junior compact sports car and the exclusive Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Super Sport, which pay homage to Alfa Romeo’s first victory at the 1928 1000 Miglia with the 6C 1500 Super Sport.


Due to take place from June 11 to 15, the 42nd 1000 Miglia is the historical re-enactment of the “most beautiful race in the world,” in the words of Enzo Ferrari. Like always part race and part adventure, over 400 models will be taking part in this year’s regularity race for vintage cars. Over 50 of them will be Alfa Romeos, making it the largest team by default and an undisputed icon of Italian motorsport. Two of these will be prestigious models from the Alfa Romeo vintage collection, usually on display at its Museum in Arese: the 1900 Super Sport (1954) and the 1900 Super Sprint (1956).

The former will be in the hands of Nicola Larini, 1993 DTM champion with the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI, and of rally navigator Giacomo Ciucci. Larini’s return to racing with Alfa Romeo will definitely result in powerful emotions for all fans of motorsport and especially for the Alfisti fandom, who remember his exploits in the Touring class in the 1990s. The 1900 Super Sprint (1956) will be welcomed with the same enthusiasm, and will give its best driven by Andrea Farina, a journalist and vintage car expert, alongside co-driver Davide Cironi, an influencer and YouTuber with a passion for engines.

The two vintage rarities will be accompanied by the new Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Super Sport, the special limited series the brand is dedicating to Alfa Romeo’s first victory at the 1000 Miglia in 1928 with the 6C 1500 Super Sport. The public will also be able to see the Alfa Romeo Junior on the move for the first time; the new compact car brings Alfa Romeo sportiness back into the largest segment in the European market. It epitomizes the common thread that has always tied the cars of the past to those currently produced by the Biscione brand, in the name of their innate aptitude for sportiness as an engaging driving experience in everyday life, which since 1910 has animated the Italian brand and fascinated the Alfa Romeo tribe all over the world.


Two prestigious Alfa Romeos in the race
Taking part in the legendary 1000 Miglia will be two veritable works of art on the move, belonging to the Heritage collection, part of a Stellantis department focused on the safeguarding and promotion of the historic heritage of the Group’s Italian brands. Specifically, the 1900 Sport Spider (1954) is a very rare racing spider – only 2 models of which were ever produced – fitted with a 4-cylinder twin-cam engine, supercharged to 138 hp of peak output, enabling it to reach 220 km/h, partly down to its weight of 880 kg and its greatly efficient aerodynamics. Featuring Franco Scaglione’s innovative design for the Bertone workshop, the 1900 Sport Spider is fitted with 5-speed transmission and a De Dion rear axle; its performance and driveability are that of a more recent, responsive and earnest car, with great road grip. This extraordinary car will compete under number “289”. Competing in the race under number “392” will be the 1900 Super Sprint (1956), an elegant coupé that represents the “gran turismo” class of the 20th century, “the family car that wins races” in the words of the 1950s claim. Based on the short version chassis of the 1900 sedan, it is fitted with a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine with the brand’s characteristic twin camshaft and an output of 115 hp at 5500 rpm. In the 1950s, it was customary for the great Italian designers to buy a mechanized chassis from Alfa Romeo, complementing it with bodywork designed and produced in-house. The Milan company Touring therefore did so, producing almost 300 models based on the Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint between ’54 and ’55.


Nicola Larini & Alfa Romeo’s epic victories in the Touring class
From 1992 to 2007, Alfa Romeo dominated motor racing in the Touring class, first with the 155 and then with the 156, writing unforgettable chapters in the history of motorsport with dozens of championship wins in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain. The first successes came way back in 1992 with Nicola Larini’s victory in the Italian Superturismo Championship with the 155 GTA, followed one year later by the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) with the 155 V6 TI, breaking all the records in what was then considered the most prestigious championship for touring cars. In the early ’90s, the DTM grid consisted exclusively of German manufacturers. That continued until 1993, when Alfa Romeo decided to participate officially with the 155 V6 Ti driven by Alessandro Nannini and Nicola Larini, with other cars in the hands of semi-official teams. It made a sensational debut: in the first round in Zolder (Belgium), the 155 V6 Ti won both heats. By the end of the season, Larini had won 10 of the 20 races; added to Nannini’s two victories, plus all the podiums and placings achieved by both Italian drivers, they earned Alfa Romeo the Constructors’ title, with the Drivers’ title going to Larini. It was a real shock for the German competitors, forced to accept the 1993 DTM Championship being taken by an Italian brand at its debut in this top-level competition. Then came triumphs in the 1994 British Touring Car Championship and other victories in every part of the world. After the 155’s feats, in 1998 it was the turn of the 156 to continue on the road to success, winning 13 championships between manufacturers’ and teams’ drivers in a career spanning 10 years, and even taking victory in its last race in 2007 when the 156 had been out of production for some time.


Alfa Romeo Junior, sportiness goes compact
Sporty at heart, compact in size and Italian style at first sight. The new Alfa Romeo Junior is proposed as a cool and unique object, combining a captivating style with the most advanced technology in terms of comfort, connectivity, and driving dynamics. Uncompromising comfort, as evidenced by the largest trunk among premium competitors (400 L). The new model is also available in hybrid and electric configurations, without distinctions in terms of aesthetics or equipment, because the only thing that matters is the fact it is 100% Alfa Romeo. Destined to profoundly change the concept of sportiness in the largest segment in Europe, the new Alfa Romeo Junior is based on the precise desire to produce a compact car, just over 4 meters long, with an all-new, up-to-date sporting spirit, which goes beyond performance alone and is taken ahead towards a distinctly Alfa Romeo and ideally sporty positioning. Of course, this is a bold and ambitious goal, only authoritatively achievable by a brand with over a century of sporting history, forged on racetracks and on everyday roads. In a nutshell, the new car is a sort of ‘handbook’ for an Italian brand devoted to the satisfaction of the sensory faculties, because the car is and remains an exciting product to be experienced with passion and involvement.


Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Super Sport, a tribute to the 6C 1500 SS that won the 1928 Mille Miglia
Essential in the 42nd 1000 Miglia are two models of the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Super Sport, the new limited special series (450 units worldwide) that celebrates the legendary 6C 1500 Super Sport driven by Campari and Ramponi, winner of the 1928 Mille Miglia. Featuring a bold reinterpretation of the Quadrifoglio – kitted out in black for the first time – the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Super Sport serve as ambassadors of the iconic sportiness, technical purity, and technology that have always positioned these two cars at the top of their respective segments in terms of handling and power-to-weight ratio, for a unique, direct, and engaging driving experience like a true Alfa Romeo. Both models are also equipped with the powerful 520-hp 2.9 V6 engine and mechanical limited-slip differential. The driving dynamics of the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Super Sport lead their respective categories, courtesy of the surprising lightness obtained with the use of ultra-light materials such as aluminum for the engine and carbon fiber for the transmission shaft, bonnet, spoiler, and side skirts.
Further information on the new Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Super Sport is available here.

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