• New Stopgun V3.0 kit for Ranger pitched at security firms
  • Upgraded armouring kit enhances sleekness and useability
  • Likewise OEM-backed B4 and B6 discreet kits also available
  • See new Stopgun V3.0 kit in action on our YouTube channel

SVI Engineering, leading specialist manufacturer of armoured products in South Africa, has released more details on its recently launched – and suitably upgraded – B6 Stopgun V3.0 armouring package for the latest-generation Ford Ranger.

Thanks to SVI’s Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) status with Ford, the new Stopgun V3.0 kit can be ordered via any Blue Oval dealership in South Africa, with the bakkie’s standard manufacturer warranty and any selected service or maintenance plan remaining fully intact. In addition, the complete package, including the purchase price of the base vehicle and the cost of the armour selected, can be financed via Ford Credit.

Like the popular Stopgun V2.0 package offered on the previous-generation Ranger, the upgraded and again Ford-approved kit is a cost-effective, semi-discreet B6 armouring option – offering protection against assault rifles, including AK47, R1 and R5 – pitched at South Africa’s security industry. It is ideal for combating general crime, escorting valuables in transit or for use on mining patrols.

The new V3.0 package for the Silverton-built Ranger forms part of the Bashewa-based armouring specialist’s extensive Stopgun offering, which also includes B4+ Stopgun V2.0 Lite (Toyota Hilux), B6 Stopgun V2.0 (Hilux, Nissan Navara and previous-gen Ranger), B6 Stopgun V2.0 Plus (Toyota Land Cruiser 79) and a version specific to the Hino 500 series of trucks.

“While our Stopgun V2.0 package has established itself as an industry leader when it comes to assault-rifle protection in the security and mining sectors, the new V3.0 kit offers enhanced overall sleekness and useability. At SVI, we strive for continuous improvement and this upgrade for the Ranger is the latest proof of that enduring philosophy,” said Nicol Louw, SVI Business Development Director.


Currently exclusive to the new Ford Ranger though set to be expanded to the closely related Volkswagen Amarok in the future, the Stopgun V3.0 package is differentiated from the V2.0 kit chiefly by the fact that the flat armoured glass (complete with gunports) has been shifted inwards to allow the standard side windows to remain in place.

As a result, the package is considerably more discreet from the outside, while wind noise is also noticeably reduced. Buyers seeking even more discretion can furthermore upgrade from the cost-effective split windscreen to an optional curved item.

Like SVI’s other B6-rated security kits, the Stopgun V3.0 package comprises 40 mm ballistic glass and 5-6 mm armoured steel plates integrated into the occupant cell. Areas covered include all pillars, all doors, the roof, the rear section, partial firewall, the battery and the ABS unit, while uprated door hinges and a front suspension upgrade are included in the price. The armouring solution is available for all three Ranger body styles: Single Cab, Super Cab and Double Cab.


In addition to the Stopgun V3.0 package, SVI also offers Ford-approved concealed 360-degree armoured protection across the Ranger line-up. Level B4 Discreet provides customers with bullet-resistant protection against handguns up to .44 Magnum and is the typical anti-hijack solution that furthermore offers defence against brick-throwing and other hand-held projectiles.

The B4 package comprises 21 mm armoured glass in combination with carefully shaped Kevlar sheets for the body. It’s discreet and lightweight with minimal impact on vehicle acceleration, fuel consumption and dynamic performance.

Meanwhile, Level B6 Discreet represents the highest grade of civilian armour allowed in South Africa without a special permit. Designed for individuals requiring the ultimate level of protection, B6 protects against ammunition fired by assault rifles up to 7.62×51 mm. The comprehensive Level B6 Discreet package comprises 38 mm armoured glass and special armoured steel plates.

The only Ranger derivative not suitable for B6 armour is the Raptor (which is, however, available in Level B4 Discreet), owing to its bespoke FOX suspension set-up and model-specific payload capability.


The Stopgun V3.0 security option for the Ford Ranger can be installed in just three weeks, with package prices starting at R295 293 (ex VAT) for the Single Cab. Options include the aforementioned curved windscreen, a bullbar-and-ballistic-grille combo and a set of heavy duty runflat rings for the tyres.

Meanwhile, the project build time for a discreetly armoured B4 Ranger (from R426 268) or B6 Ranger (from R665 116) comes in at three months, with additional options here including roof armour, floor armour and a public announcement system.

Pricing (excludes VAT and excludes purchase price of base vehicle):

 Armouring level  Single Cab  Super Cab  Double Cab
 B4 Discreet  from R426 268  from R572 377  from R572 377
 B6 Discreet  from R665 116  from R866 966  from R866 966
 B6 Stopgun V3.0  from R295 293  from R341 587  from R422 257

*figures exclude VAT and the purchase price of the base vehicle


SVI is an original equipment manufacturer that has specialised in armoured vehicles since 2004. The company is a market leader in Africa, serving the private, corporate, security, mining and governmental segments. SVI holds a Level 2 B-BBEE certification and its quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Rheinland.

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