Audi South Africa Introduces Innovative EV Charging Campaign in Airports

Audi South Africa has launched a pioneering campaign to reshape perceptions of electric vehicle (EV) charging, replacing conventional charging points with mini versions of the brand’s EV chargers in Bidvest Premier Lounges at Cape Town and OR Tambo International Airports’ domestic departure terminals. The campaign, running until January 2024, encourages travelers to charge their smartphones using Audi’s mini EV chargers, seamlessly blending the familiarity of device charging with the relatively new concept of EV charging.

The initiative, spearheaded by Sascha Sauer, Head of Audi South Africa, aims to make EV charging a routine, stress-free experience for South Africans. By providing travelers with the opportunity to charge their phones effortlessly before flights, the campaign seeks to bridge the gap between charging personal devices and charging electric vehicles.

Sauer explains, “The campaign is based on the idea that while charging a car may feel unfamiliar to South Africans, charging our devices is a habit we’re already accustomed to. As we head into the holiday season, we’re offering travelers a chance to charge their devices before their flights, demonstrating that, like their phones, charging an electric vehicle is easy, quick, and convenient.”

Beyond showcasing the simplicity of EV charging, the campaign also aims to raise awareness about the growing public charging network and the rapid charging capabilities of Audi’s EV chargers, which are among the fastest in the country, depending on the location.

Audi’s commitment to electric mobility is evident in its substantial investment of approximately R45 million in cutting-edge charging technology. This investment, in collaboration with partners, has facilitated the creation of over 400 charging connectors, with Audi alone responsible for 127 charging stations and plans for additional expansion.

Sauer emphasizes, “Audi’s investment goes beyond hardware infrastructure; it aims to make electric mobility more accessible and straightforward for South Africans, fostering growth in the local EV market.”

Audi South Africa invites those with access to Bidvest Premier Lounges to partake in this forward-thinking campaign, bridging the gap between charging personal devices and embracing EV charging as a natural part of everyday life.


Terence Steenkamp
PR and Relationships Manager

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