Stellantis Hosts Inaugural Supplier Convention in Morocco, Unveiling Strategic Plans for MEA Region

Stellantis Middle East and Africa (MEA) marked a significant milestone by organizing its first supplier convention in Morocco on November 9 and 10, 2023. Chaired by Maxime Picat, Chief Purchasing & Supply Chain Officer, the event saw the participation of key figures like Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Kingdom of Morocco, and Ali Seddiki, Managing Director of the Moroccan Agency for Investment and Export Development (AMDIE), along with other distinguished guests from the public administration.

With over 180 participants representing 80 suppliers from 11 countries, including Morocco, China, India, Turkey, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and Japan, the convention was aligned with Stellantis’ ambitious “Dare Forward” 2030 strategy. This strategic plan aims to position Stellantis as a leader in value creation and commits the company to achieving carbon neutrality by 2038.

Samir Cherfan, Chief Operating Officer Stellantis Middle East and Africa, highlighted the convention’s importance, stating, “This convention is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the MEA region’s growth and prosperity. We are dedicated to transforming the automotive landscape and building a sustainable future aligned with the ‘Dare Forward 2030′ strategy.”

The convention emphasized Stellantis’ commitment to the MEA region’s automotive development through its comprehensive purchasing and supply chain strategy, which focuses on three main pillars:

  1. Expansion of Sourcing Base:** Stellantis plans to increase its sourcing base from 4 to 7 countries within the MEA region, with a specific focus on strengthening supplier networks in Morocco and Turkey. New bases will be established in Algeria, Egypt, and South Africa.
  2. Deepening Localization Efforts:** The company aims to boost local content, including raw materials and sub-components, fostering stronger connections with the communities in which it operates.
  3. Promotion of Energy Transition:** Stellantis is dedicated to actively promoting and harnessing national strategies for energy transition, aligning with its broader commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices.

Stellantis recognizes the vast and promising market in the Middle East and Africa, with substantial growth potential. The company is committed to nurturing the automotive industry in the region, making strategic investments, and aspiring to be a leading local player deeply invested in developing a robust ecosystem of partners in sourcing.


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Head: Corporate Communications
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