The benefits of a tracking device

How GPS tracking works and why you need it.

It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where crime is something we need to consider in almost every aspect of our lives – and it’s especially important when you buy a vehicle. The investment you make in a vehicle means that you need to have some peace of mind that should it be stolen, at least you will have some recourse either to get it back or have your insurance cover the costs of retrieving or replacing it. GPS tracking devices in vehicles can serve many purposes, but their main aim is to deter thieves and to help recover your it should the worst happen.

What is GPS tracking, and how does it work?

The basic premise is that your vehicle is equipped with a small device that monitors its real-time location. You can see exactly where it is at all times via an app, a website or through a tracking company.

There are secondary functions to a tracking device that include monitoring driver behaviour, vehicle speed and fuel management, and even tracking maintenance schedules. But its main purpose is tracking the vehicle’s movements. This means that should it ever be stolen; you will be able to monitor its location for law enforcement to attempt to recover it.

The benefits of having a tracking device

While the only negative aspect of a tracking device pertains to cost and being locked into subscriptions with a tracking company, the pros by far outweigh the cons.

Safety and security: With GPS tracking installed, not only are you able to track your vehicle should it be stolen or hijacked, but you can also keep an eye on it in real-time and intervene if you feel it’s not in a safe location. Additionally, advertising your tracking service by having a sticker or warning on the window is a good deterrent to thieves who would rather skip a potentially risky job that’s likely to get them caught.

Alerts and SOS emergency calling: Some tracking services allow you to designate a specific ‘safe’ area, called geofencing, in which your vehicle is allowed to travel. Should it go outside of these coordinates, you will be alerted immediately. Additionally, some services also come with a panic button that can be activated if you feel you’re in an unsafe situation. Help can be on the way in minutes.

Vehicle maintenance and monitoring: Some tracking systems are so smart that they even keep track of speed, vehicle systems, and driver behaviour. This is an advantage for those who run businesses where drivers need to be monitored. Keeping track of speed limits and reckless driving helps with employee management. At the same time, these devices can also remotely alert you to issues on the vehicle itself – for example, overheating, engine light illumination, or when a service is due.

Lower insurance premiums: In many cases, your insurance company will charge a reduced premium if your vehicle has a tracking device. Some insurance companies require you to have such a device. Since it makes it easier to find and retrieve your vehicle should it get stolen or lost, insurance companies are happy to reduce premiums for vehicles equipped with these devices.

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