Audi A3 Sedan

Dating their first generation launch in the late 1990’s, Audi has certainly transformed over the years through four generations, great engine performance, advanced technology and growing in size. After skipping the 2021 model, the new 2022 model features a stylish metallic exterior and a very modern interior.

When it comes to vehicle satisfaction, Audi rules the roost. The Germans just know how to produce a vehicle that will have their clients beaming (even on the way to the bank). The A3 is no different from this and it is evident in recent statistics- more than 60 000 Audi A3’s has found homes with South Africans since their first introduction.

As Audi’s most popular vehicle in South Africa, it is easy to understand that the Germans knew exactly what the sweet spot was and targeted that accurately. So what, or who is the sweet spot? Well, anyone basically. Anyone who enjoys a premium and first-class drive.

At a Glance

The imposing luxury Sedan comes with a new large single frame honeycomb grille that highlights the front of the new Audi A3. Just above the grille is a gap between the grille and the bonnet that highlights the façade making the car more aggressive and sportier. The basic Audi A3s come with standard LED lights but the 2022 A3 comes with unique digital daytime lights. Just below the headlights are inserts in a secondary colour bringing out the sportiness of the sedan. From the back the Audi A3 still continues to deliver high end finishes with its appealing redesigned LED taillights and new silver exhaust that blend well with any that the Audi A3 comes in. The luxury A3 comes with a sunroof and that alone elevates the modern look of the sedan. Overall, the look of the A3 is sporty, striking and stylish which is a terrific combination, and you will have to take a step back and ask yourself, what more do you need?

Step Inside

The interior also excites with quality scattered throughout the cabin combined with intuitive technologies. The seats are extremely comfortable and have you feeling wrapped in and secure while you continue wherever the journey might take you (I think that in this vehicle you will go out looking for an adventure). Cabin space also receives the nod with enough room for all passenger to enjoy and rear seats that can split 60:40 to allow more space into the boot. The seating position combine with the sizable windows ensures that you have a good eye-full of your surroundings.

With such a stylish exterior the Audi A3 will certainly not disappoint with its ravishing interior, lets jump right in and see what the latest A3 offers. The 2022 A3 brings luxury to the market with advanced features like the stunning 12.3-inch virtual display on the dashboard that can be set up in any one of the four driving modes(Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual).Still on the dashboard , the car has a 10-inch infotainment display monitor that allows you to navigate a number of features like  Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth ,maps ,Wi-Fi etc. The 14.25-inch steering wheel has paddle shifters attached which helps with a smooth drive without having to take your hands off the wheel. Audi has made sure to keep its technology up to date by introducing the virtual windscreen speedometer that keeps your eyes on the road the whole time maximizing the driver’s concentration.

The 2022 A3 comes with a convenience key that has a full keyless entry and start, it did not stop there, the Sedan comes with a wireless phone charging area but also comes with an extra two USBC ports in the centre of the front cabin. The A3 sedan offers premium material interior that comes with an option of heated seats for the cabin. Not only does the car provide high-end quality finishes, but its technology is also top notch too providing features like park assist sensors, electric parking break just to mention a few. The updated modern door handles have been one of the very distinctive updates on the latest A3. The downside of the 2022 Audi A3 is the limited storage space in the cabin but that’s not a problem because the Sedan has ample cargo space that’s enough to carry luggage when travelling. Audi has made sure to keep the interior classy and modern as with its textured surfaces that are minimalistic yet make a statement.

Safety is key and the A3 has an array of standard safety features that include electrically actuated child safety lock, front, side, and a curtain airbag system and a SAFELOCK remote control key. The Anti-theft alarm system will give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe when cruising around town.

Driver aid features include progressive steering, rear parking aid, hold assist and cruise control, not forgetting Electronic Stability Control (ESC), ABS and the enlightening driver information system.

Under The Bonnet

Just like the previous 2020 A3 , the 2022 comes in two models the five door Sport-back and the four door Sedan. The two models both come with petrol engines with an entry level of the 35 TSFI with a mild hybrid system bolted to its 1.5 litre turbo four cylinder that has 110 kw of power at 5000 rpm and 250 Nm of torque at 1500 rpm via a seven speed Auto S-Tronic. The Audi A3 is said to use 4.9 litre/100 km unleaded petrol in a combined city and highway cycle with an emission of about 111 g of carbon dioxide per 100 km. Basing with the mentioned the Audi A3 should go for roughly 1020 km with a full tank.

So, What’s The Scoop?

With a number of upgrades on the Audi fourth generation the car brand has proved to be doing well by keeping up in the fast-paced industry. The 2022 Audi A3 has made sure to provide its clients with the best technology and a very good sound system that keeps the cabin immersed in melody. Prioritising its customers safety, the Sedan has seven airbags to ensure optimum safety. The Audi A3 is a good value of money as it has all modern features and functions at a reasonable price for a German car

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